What are Inbound Services?

A cloud-based telephony service for both geographic and non-geographic numbers, offering access to a full range of call routing, monitoring and management tools.

Can be accessed online through an easy-to-use web portal and through our mobile app.


How could your business benefit?

Can be used with any 01/02/03/08 number, anywhere, from any device.
Instant call management puts you in control.
Manages everyday calls and reduces costs through network-based queuing.
Business continuity built-in; keeps working in a crisis.
You can create a local and national presence, regardless of your location.
Provides ROI measurement for better marketing activity.
Ideal for flexible working - taking calls on the move.
Immediate setup - instantly create and amend call plans and announcements.
Easy-to-use, jargon free interface.

If you fit one of the following catagories, an Inbound Solution could be the perfect fit...

Sole traders, single site businesses and multi-site or multi-department businesses.
Customers wanting to increase their business presence and improve contact availability.
Customer-facing businesses that want to improve their customer service.
Companies looking for Disaster Recovery measures in place to provide a resilient phone service in any emergency.
Companies that want to increase productivity and sales.
Companies with multiple departments that require a system to set up call plans that automatically route their calls to the relevant team.
Companies who don’t have an in-house IT resource to manage their calls.
Companies that encourage agile working, such as homeworkers and mobile workers.

Example Call Plans


Do you have any questions?

If you would like to discuss further please get in touch.