SIP Trunks, how does it work?

SIP Trunks connect your PBX to our suppliers network, enabling full PSTN breakout on the public telephone network.

Connection from your site (or sites) to our suppliers network is via an IP connection, for example broadband or Ethernet, and is delivered as an end-to-end service with an availability guarantee, voice channel guarantees and voice Quality Of Service.


The benefits of SIP Trunks.

Number flexibility,
Cheaper per channel than ISDN,
Free fraud protection,
Business-grade voice and internet convergence,
Built for business continuity with multiple options for resilience,
Voice and data from one connection,
Scalable - add and remove lines quickly and easily.

SIP Network Diagram.JPG

How could your business benefit from a VoIP system?

Suitable for small start-up companies right through to large enterprises and Government organisations, supporting connections from two channels upwards.

Businesses looking to move premises out of the local area that want to keep their existing business critical number without paying for expensive call forwarding services.

Companies looking for a resilient phone service to cope in any emergency.

International businesses linking offices and taking advantage of free internal calls from one office to another, even where the internal calls cross international boundaries.

Customer service driven businesses where a local presence is important across the UK and multiple UK numbers can be delivered into one single service centre.

Multi-site organisations that are looking to aggregate individual site PBXs and lines into a resilient centralised solution.

Businesses with seasonal voice capacity requirements where flexibility is important with no long-term commitments.

Customers requiring a high volume of calls at a single site, such as contact / call centres.

Customers that are looking to locate all communications equipment / IT servers to a co-location or datacentre as part of an outsource / cloud strategy.

Our SIP Trunks have been conformance tested with all of the UK’s IP PBX manufacturers. Here are just some of the IP PBX and SIP Gateway vendors we work with:

Do you have any questions?

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